Enjoying Weekends at the Winery

Word Count: 440

By Megan Malkus

About 90,000 people attend special events at Boordy Vineyards in Baltimore County every year for wine, food, and music.

Winter weekends are for Trucks ‘n’ Tunes, an event held each weekend from February to May in the 19th century barn. A busy winter weekend sees 400 to 500 people, according to Kayla Williams, Boordy’s hospitality manager. Summer months bring Thursday farmer’s markets, Friday and Sunday wine tastings and tours, and Saturday evening concerts.

“I love going to the summer concerts with my family,” said Debra Griffith, a frequent visitor of Boordy. “We always run into friends from church and my husbands cousins.”

The Boordy name is on 24 different wines, all made in Hydes, Maryland. According to Williams, 50 percent of the wine grapes are grown at Boordy Vineyards’ two locations while the other 50 percent are imported from California and Washington. Some wineries import grape juice to make their wine, while Boordy imports whole grapes to make wine completely from scratch.

Boordy has three different series of wines. Their Landmark Premier wines are award winning dry wines. Their most recent winners are the Albariño, winning the Governor’s Cup Best in Show, Best in Class, and Double Gold Medal, and the Cabernet Franc, winning the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chesapeake Icons are a mixture of dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines. Each Chesapeake Icon wine has a Maryland themed name including, Diamondback Terrapin, Assateague Ponies, and Blue Crab, among others.

The third wine series is made up of six fruit wines. This series is called Sweetland Cellars, the sweetest of all Boordy wines with six percent sugar.

“The Sweetland wines are some of my favorites.” Williams said. “They are great for making cocktails.”


Boordy Vineyards is the oldest and largest vineyard and winery in Maryland. Located on the historic R.B. Deford Family Farm in rural Baltimore County, Boordy has been growing grapes and making wines since 1945.

The current wine maker, Tom Burns, lives in a farmhouse just a few yards away from the winery on the Boordy property in Hydes, Maryland. His cat, Little Bit, roams the grounds and joins many of the tours around the vineyard. Tours are led by Allan Schrendender, a very well informed employee of Boordy Vineyards.

Schrendender not only provides facts about the current operation of the vineyard, he shares facts about the history of the brand. Historic facts that Schrendender shares include the origin of the Boordy name.

The daughter of the original wine makers, Philip and Jocelyn Wagner, when asked what kind of wine her parents made, answered “Boordy”. She meant to say Bordeaux but could not pronounce the French word properly.



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